What to do during the summer time in Kangos.


Hikes under the midnight sun.

Outdoor swimming pool at the local campsite, Uddens camping.

Dinner by lake Saarijärvi, drop in at Pine Tree Lodge.

Rent a bike or boat, Lapland Guesthouse or Pine Tree Lodge.

Flee market and handicraft, Lapland Guesthouse.

Pre-book a private dinner, Lapland Guesthouse.

Pre-book a private sauna/spa experience, Lapland Guesthouse.

Kangos Lax-festival (Kangos salmon festival) second weekend in July.

A weekend full of fun. Salmon fishing competition, pub/bar on Saturday, dancing on Saturday, flea market on Sunday. Uddens camping.


Site visit at the Husky kennel, Pine Tree Lodge.

Offroad ATV driving, Lapland Guesthouse.

Drift boat trip, Pine Tree Lodge.