Welcome to Destination Kangos – A true wilderness adventures above the Arctic circle. Kangos is a small village within the municipality of Pajala, Kangos is based right by the Lainio river, and today roughly 240 people lives here.

For a village of this size, there are plenty to do. During the summer time Kangos offers great fishing under the midnight sun, the salmon festival, outdoor swimming, local restaurants, hiking, biking, local handicraft, great local food, a visit at the local husky kennel or just sitting by a fireplace consuming coffee and sausages.

During the winter you can experience northern light, husky rides, reindeer safaris, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, polar nights, a rich culture and much much more. The village of Kangos was founded in the 1630’s by Simon Hendersson, and since then the village has blossomed into a fantastic little oasis in the middle of Swedish Lapland.

Warm welcome to Kangos!